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Future of Email

Posted by Toad008 On 2007-07-19 3 comments

I enjoy that some companies are trying to find great ways to take something easy, like email, and move it to the future of complex!

I've always dreamed of hanging out beside the pool with my unsorted email. I would delight in watching all my spam being fed to the sharks as well. Although having to wait for all my incoming mail to finish it's conversation with the bouncer, and have it's disinfecting shower may get a little annoying. How to make me enjoy that part, oh, of course, make emails scantily clad females. I wonder how many times I can force them to take disinfecting showers. because I like my email clean, but my games dirty, and this is the first time I can actually combine the two! What other vital apps can I make this change to?

Seriously though, I wonder how much spyware, and other malware junk is nested in this. Looks like a pretty prime app to sucker uneducated high school teens to download. I might download it to a test box, just to find out how much spyware is in there, and for some laughs.