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|\/|y G@M3R 7H30RY (Pu|2e G@m3Z)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-06-20 11 comments

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A while back in a living room not that far away but still a considerable drive*, before there was summer and birds (and wicked wrath of god type rainstorms) outside, Wilkanomics Sr. picked up at 360. We played a whole schwack of nifty games until Jr. says, 'hey, wanna check out 360 Live Arcade?' - ya, sure...

Next thing I know we're sucked into 6 hours of Geometry Wars, yeah.... you know, it's Asteroids made by people who've had one to many hits from the hi-def bong if you'll take my meaning, but hey, any game called "Retro Evolved" sounds like its targeted at my demographic. I probably spent the next three or four weeks trying to figure out how to get it running on my PC (where could a version be found?). I saw some brutal clones, but no dice.

:[ nuge ]:

So, last night, I'm playing a little Counter Strike: Source (Valve: SteamPowered), when, upon exit, I'm launching into a nifty little promo for GEOMETRY WARS: RETRO EVOLVED for my Windows XP PC!

(you think you're excited! feel these nipples!)

After forking over a paltry $2.50 (yes, two bucks and some change) I was dialing into my own personal "supra-deffy-digi-verse" ** of mayhem and explosive destruction set to groovy techno music. Booyaah!

You too can nab this gem for $2.50 from Steam if you act before June 22nd - but I hear you say it: 'that ain\'t nothin\'!' (script escape characters just for effect)... well.. yes. GW:RE sure lights the fire and gets the johnson to attention, but does it provide that sense of peace and tranquility that I'm always after? Not so much.

For that I turn to an equally good find, but this time on the PS3 (or, "that Scottish console" as I prefer to call it, as I would never utter the letters P, S, and the numeral three when actually around other electronic equipment, but I digress... ***).

The game I refer to is obviously, flOw (brilliantly made all hi-deffy for that Scottish console by SCEA). . So, after having my inner Nameste touched by this game on said console, I came home to find that flOw was originally designed to run in in Flash by Jenova Chen)!

Into the depths with you! err.. me! Try and follow along:

Hey, what am I doing back at the beginning? I just beat this frickin' thing and now.. now... well, now I'm all spherical and serene, and ohh.... I like it... I like it, it's good.... yeah, pass the hydrator please... "tsshhoooooooo.... 'eeer'! "

And, at the end, after fighting the equally large and impressive bad-guy Jellyfish Beasty (who must have come from an equally unimpressive small swirling mote just as I), the game presented me with the most puzzling challenge: to determine if it has crashed, or I had just finished it victorious, or it was never finished, or WHA@!%?.

You see, I nailed the final foe and ate all his good stuff that comes out when a baddy expires, but then there was no more depths to conquer.
I wept.

After all this nice nice, I was pretty spent of course, so I went a browsing through some of the demo games at Steam (have I mentioned Steam yet? huh...) and found a killer demo for, yes, modelling defence condition levels and all out nuclear war (it was really only a matter of time wasn't it).

Ever seen that goon Mathew Broderick in War Games? :[brutal!]: Ya, you have.
Now it's on my desktop and waiting for multi-player action. What's it called? DEFCON: EVERYBODY DIES.

That's a nice one brutha!

My point in all of this? Pure Games. These were pure games, with no deep story, no first person reality simulating perspective. I press start, I play the game, I marvel at the perfection of the game design, I'm eventually defeated by the game (GW:RE) or I defeat the game (flOw), but either way, I had a great time, and I seem to be playing these games lots still. I figure it's because these games aren't work - they are PLAY.

Rainswept had a good point the other night: "maybe that's why it's called 'grinding' in the game", yeah, who needs another grind? I'm gonna stick to things I play.

* A drive I now make daily I might add as I traverse the city to reach my new place of employ. ** All texts, graphic images, and other content ("Materials") which refer to "supra-deffy-digi-verse" are Copyright © 2007 Sonic Ice Multimedia / Kyro Productions. All rights reserved. *** But I still might end up owning one of these bad boys since it looks like Blu-Ray is poised to win the format war (and I know the Jury not in on that one yet, but it's looking bad for HD-DVD)