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Schnook Busting Loud Mouth

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-05-09 3 comments

So, I'll grant you that Don Cherry is a schnook buster (as my grandma used to say)... but maybe he's onto something with this ColdFX stuff. I've had enough regular sick/flu/cold experiences to know how they start, and I can feel one trying to gain ground on me - and right before a wedding no less!

I'm no NHL-ian (NHL-er?), but I'll certainly use anything that staves off such a brutal and senseless assault.

The plan:
- Use the ColdFX
- Dose on the Vitamin C (lightly to aid in symptom reduction)
- keep up with the sun salutations each day *
- stay away from the booze and sugars **

I'm through with taking this common cold crap laying down.
I'll let you know if the treatment works (and sorry for the misleading post title).


** except don't take my double double away!