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Red Gopher -- 2 weeks left

Posted by km_f5 On 2007-05-20 2 comments

What to do on yet another cloudy and cool day of the May long weekend, I wondered. Well, I always used to enjoy checking out the kids' art show at the Mendel, so that is what I did. The show seemed a bit small to me, only taking up the space of one gallery, but I did see some interesting and technically skilled pieces.

I knew, too, that there was an 'Artists by Artists' show somewhere... As I was getting ready to leave, tada, I spied the show in the basement -- you know, by the bathrooms...(!!)

I was intrigued (mostly confused -^) by Yuka Yamaguchi's wall but was equally drawn by Dave Geary's work. (no link unfortunately).

Propaganda posters for Saskatchewan. Entertaining at the very least! My fav: A poster for "Red Gopher -- Saskatchewan's No.1 left-wing deep house danceteria and bar" (I purchased 2 card copies of this poster in the gift shop. Not available on coffee mugs :( but you can purchase a t-shirt with your favourite slogan and image. YAY capitalism!)

Show closes June 3, people!