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Converted Blog is in fact Broken

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-03-15 8 comments

I dunno about the rest of you guys... but since converting this blog over to the "New" Blogger.. I've had nothing but problems. Really starting to piss me off.

Sometimes when posting I get a "not allowed to post with reference field = null" error, and my typing is gone. Sometimes, pictures don't work. Occassinally, when I edit a post, the comments are all dropped (like the StarCrash post just did).

What does this all boil down to? I'm thinking of deleting GnoSchitt, and creating a GnoSchitt-2 or Son of Gno Schitt or something similar. I'd send out the invites AGAIN after rebuilding from the bottom up.

I love this blog honestly, and follow all links faithfully, even if I don't comment. I hope others are still into it also but I'd like to see it working right.

So, how about some votes on the new blog name?

GnoSchitt2 / GnoSchitt II
Son of Gno Schitt
Still Gno Schitt
[insert your own clever name here]