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Warcraft 3

Posted by Clockwork On 2007-03-31 1 comments

Hey, if anyone has retail copies of Warcraft 3 and the expansion, The Frozen Throne, I'd be interested in purchasing them from you. Let me know if you're interested in selling.


20 Million? Schaa, Right, and monkeys might....

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-03-27 1 comments

Spread this article around. Microsoft is pulling a Sony.
It is amazing how many clowns fit into those little cars isn't it?

Trump on Bush

Posted by Selbonaut On 2007-03-20 2 comments

I don't really like Trump all that much more than I like bush, but I sure like Trump critiquing Bush.

More American Bullshit

Posted by Clockwork On 4 comments

[From Michael Geist's blog]

Number Crunching
Tuesday March 20, 2007
Earlier this month, U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins stepped up the pressure on Canada on copyright. The speech that launched a round of media coverage has now been posted by the U.S. Embassy. The relevant passage is:We are asking the Government of Canada to strengthen your copyright laws. There is a lot of pirating that goes on, a lot of counterfeiting of movies and songs and whatnot. And it is not some effort to protect some high-paid Hollywood star or studio, it is about ensuring that Canadian and American innovators and entrepreneurs are encouraged and protected so they will continue to make North America competitive in the world marketplace.And we are working with the Canadian government now on that issue. We have met with Ministers Bernier and Oda and members of the Prime Minister's staff and we are requesting a stronger copyright bill be introduced and be passed. We are joined by the U.S. and Canadian motion picture and sound recording and computer software industries. Right now the copyright laws or the intellectual property right protection in Canada is considered the weakest of the G-7 countries. So we are asking that be strengthened. And it really does cost the Canadian economy a huge amount every year. It is estimated to be from some $10 to $30 billion per year.Leaving aside the rhetoric, what is particularly remarkable about these comments is the claim that Canadian copyright law is costing the economy between $10 to $30 billion per year. Obviously any estimate that varies by up to $20 billion is not particularly credible. Further, even the low end figure looks ridiculous as it is four times the losses claimed by the MPAA in China and is more than three times the total amount of cultural goods that Canada imports from the U.S. every year. Or considered another way, the $10 billion figure is more than the Finance Minister committed yesterday to new health care initiatives, the environment, education, and special services for armed forces veterans combined. And that is the low end - the $30 billion figure represents nearly 13 percent of total government revenues and nearly equals the total amount of provincial transfers and subsidies. All of this from "a lot of counterfeiting of movies and songs and whatnot?"

My kind of justice system

Posted by Toad008 On 1 comments

I thought some people would get a kick out of this.

I think more judges should determine cases by this means. It's definitely the most fair, impartial system I can think of at this moment.

For those of you heading to court soon, here are some more links to help you out.

Wow. I want to start collecting all my favourite RPS players cards! Check Out Franz's great Scissors toss! Awe inspiring!

Note: Upon further research, his nickname "Hot" appears to be due to a winning streak, and not his moustache like I originally thought.

Future-Retro-Retro (Part 2)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-03-19 3 comments

I can't tell you how much I think Hillary is the wrong woman at the right time. The world needs some more female leadership, but it also needs good leadership. I don't know if Hillary is either of those.

Converted Blog is in fact Broken

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-03-15 8 comments

I dunno about the rest of you guys... but since converting this blog over to the "New" Blogger.. I've had nothing but problems. Really starting to piss me off.

Sometimes when posting I get a "not allowed to post with reference field = null" error, and my typing is gone. Sometimes, pictures don't work. Occassinally, when I edit a post, the comments are all dropped (like the StarCrash post just did).

What does this all boil down to? I'm thinking of deleting GnoSchitt, and creating a GnoSchitt-2 or Son of Gno Schitt or something similar. I'd send out the invites AGAIN after rebuilding from the bottom up.

I love this blog honestly, and follow all links faithfully, even if I don't comment. I hope others are still into it also but I'd like to see it working right.

So, how about some votes on the new blog name?

GnoSchitt2 / GnoSchitt II
Son of Gno Schitt
Still Gno Schitt
[insert your own clever name here]

Best David Hasselhoff Performance Ever!

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-03-13 4 comments

Any movie that can boast to have the best performance is delivered by David Hasselhoff is a movie I gotta try and see, at least once in my life.

Anybody have any way of locating such a film via some online downloadie thing? I'd love to check this out!

Any takers

Clark, The Canadian Hockey Goalie

Posted by Clockwork On 0 comments

Worth a watch.

Corn Fueled Inflation

Posted by ScrewLoose On 2007-03-12 3 comments

Looks like some predictions about corn ethanol are coming true, corn shortages are causing problems with the fuel and livestock industries. I'm assuming we will probably see price jumps in prices in many other products that contain corn, which is actually quite a number of products as its processed into pretty much everything. That being said most of the time it doesn't provide much for nutritional value thus it might be a good thing if overly processed corn gets removed from our diet.

I'm not even going to get into the efficiency of converting corn to ethanol......

In the long run fueling cars with food is probably a bad idea.

Cool Gas

Posted by Selbonaut On 2007-03-07 1 comments

Where can I get some of this?

Chief of Staff to the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary

Posted by Kyro Sk On 1 comments

The US Administration has more levels of indirection than an Erasmatron. How do you go about obtaining the qualifications to become the Deputy Executive Associate Administrator you figure?

Canada: UFO technologies are key to halting global warming

Posted by BoxersFracture On 2007-03-02 5 comments

A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday:

"I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation ... that could be a way to save our planet," Paul Hellyer, 83, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Alien spacecrafts would have traveled vast distances to reach Earth, and so must be equipped with advanced propulsion systems or used exceptional fuels, he told the newspaper.

Such alien technologies could offer humanity alternatives to fossil fuels, he said, pointing to the enigmatic 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico -- which has become a shrine for UFO believers -- as an example of alien contact.

"We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough," he said.

Hellyer became defense minister in former prime minister Lester Pearson's cabinet in 1963, and oversaw the controversial integration and unification of Canada's army, air force and navy into the Canadian Forces.

He shocked Canadians in September 2005 by announcing he once saw a UFO.


...all i can add is: "My name is Joe!! And I AM CANADIAN!!!"

...oh ya...and... "The truth is out there."

Middle Class

Posted by Kyro Sk On 4 comments

What is most shocking is how terrified I felt instantaneously at the mention of having less stuff. It was almost uncontrollable - the thought of less computers, less records, less mixing desks, less video games, less DVDs and clothes.

Althought, I'm telling you, I could throw almost all of my other clothes away and keep only my Lulu Lemon stuff and a few other choice items and be perfectly comfortable.

I wonder what life would be like with only 20% of the stuff that I have right now. Sounds like a nightmare. The real looming nightmare will likely be much more terrifying, because it is so underestimated.