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Which side is right?

Posted by Toad008 On 2007-01-26 3 comments

This is a very interesting tidbit. I'm not sure which side I would be on.

On one side, when you purchase a plane ticket, you should be able to assume you will be able to fly to your destination. However, if the toddler is disrupting the flight, I think it's justifiable to remove them from the flight.

Presuming of course that they are re-imbursed for their tickets (which they were).

Me being a single, childless airplane passenger would have to side with the airline on this one. Keep kicking those annoying children off so that I (and the 30+ other passengers) can have a stress free relaxing flight. If the parents (or guardian, as if there was an 80 year old crazy grandpa screaming on a plane, I'd want him kicked off too) can't control them, maybe they shouldn't be flying.

What's the opinions of some of you folks with young'uns?