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My favourite new console

Posted by Toad008 On 2007-01-25 1 comments

I can't believe the crap Sony keeps spewing. They are getting really good at finding ways to take your money.

Behold the newest must have add-on to for those suckers who have bought PS3's! Tired of constantly having to enter your credit card info to buy the billions of micro transactions Sony has set up? Now you can just Swipe your credit card!

Don't get me wrong, I am all about EXTRA content added for a fee (a la expansion packs, for example more Guitar Hero songs) or paying for episodic content (a la the HalfLife 2 series), but when you need to design an attachment, as if your intending to micro transaction the crap out of people, maybe you should cut back a bit.

And why can't I just enter my credit card info once, and have it say, attached to my GamerTag? Oh wait. That would be too convient.

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