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Sony scrambling?

Posted by Toad008 On 2006-11-30 2 comments

Latest announcement from Sony's camp. Some major reshuffling of the higher ups. It seems like most of the gamer crowd is seeing this as pulling Kutaragi out to give him less control over the specifics of their products. However, it's moving him up to a higher position, so hardly a punishment.

I think this is the closest Sony will get to saying they made a mistake. Maybe their dying handheld and not quite so successful console can be saved by new management.

On a side note, I hear most people looking for Wii's can't get them in town. My roommate has been hunting for a virtual console controller, and component cables, and says the stock of absolutely anything Wii related is extremely low. However, if anyone is interested in picking up a PS3, I hear there's some in some Zellers locations. So they can't sell out of those here in S'toon.

Can't wait to see the numbers they shipped. It'll be interesting to see how bad Nintendo beat Sony.

Edit: Had some problems getting this posted, anyone else notice anything going wrong here lately?