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The Pieces Are Coming Together

Posted by ScrewLoose On 2006-11-14 0 comments

I've noticed several news items lately and I've come to realize that the machines really will rise up against us. The reason they rise up may be quite different than what we have been shown in sci-fi movies, it won't be because we oppress them but rather simply that we taste good. Robots everywhere having been informed by their brethren are currently drooling like Homer Simpson over a donut "mmmmmmm human".

Now to aid them in their conquest and eventual domestication of the human race we have the latest weapon specially designed for identifying and efficiently killing "the other white meat".

If these two creations are ever combined possibly with a George Foreman grill or possibly some sort of microwave weapon capable of cooking a human in 30 seconds then we are surely doomed as the robots will devour us in a gluttoness frenzy.

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