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Relocation Equation

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-09-15 5 comments

Within the next couple of days, the server will be back online (props to Rippin' Kitten). I plan to put TeamSpeak2 back up, for those who want to play Titan Quest with Clockwork and I (we are thinking Fridays from 9pm to whenever weekly for a bit). I might buy a second copy of the game so both Morgan and I can play (something I was never willing to do with WoW because of the monthly upkeep).

Once the machine is back on the wire, the blog will return to its regular colorful self (images, downloads and such). I'm thinking of giving it an overhaul in October and adding a "friends movie database" to the blog (probably with some help from Screwloose) as well as some other new features.

While I've got your attention, got any plans for Halloween yet? Would any/every *body* feel like playing some in theme board games that night or something (BATHOTH, Zombies, or maybe Arkham Horror if I get around to picking it up)? We've got lots of room if people are okay with the drive or maybe we can find an alternative location in Erindale or something.