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Kung Fu Hustle

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-07-31 2 comments

Just to set the stage - I really like CTHD, Hero and HOFD, and Shaolin Soccer (but have not seen Kung-Pow as I received warnings from every single person that has ever seen it).

Cary and I finished watching Kung Fu Hustle, and man, what a treat! Unlike Shaolin Soccer, which was fairly predictable in its off the hook sort of way, this movie had me guessing (often very wrong) continuously. It was funny and charming and ended very well - which is to say that I felt a bit lifted after watching it, not depressed (something that CTHD and HOFD both did was to leave me sad, and I know they were dramaction films, as opposed to actiodemies).

In other news, I re-watched Batman Begins this weekend too, and I must say, it felt less fantastic than when I first saw it (but I attribute this to the fact the Superman Returns was so much better - and don't get me wrong, I loved both of these films - but Superman Returns was, for me at least, a real emotional powerhouse).

This week Cary and I are going to try and see that movie Sword of Xanten (AKA: Curse of the Ring /Ring of the Nibelungs / Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King) as it appeared at our local video store the other day (but was out).