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Kick 'em in the Bolls!

Posted by James Davie On 2006-06-13 6 comments

You know I'm pretty sick right now and despite the fact that I feel like shit, am doped into stupidity by cold medication, and am stressed beyond belief about work this article puts a big ole smile on my face!

Y'all know who Uwe Boll is right? In case you've been fortunate enough to never hear of him, he is the prat that brought us the films: "Alone in the Dark," "House of the Dead," and most recently "BloodRayne." He is also making films based on Postal, Dungeon Siege, and Far Cry video games. All of his work is shit. All of it, without exception. If you feel the need to defend any of his work to me save your breath and assume that we will agree to disagree.

There's an interesting theory floating around that the reason Uwe kept getting financing for his films was that up until recently there was a German law that allowed you write off dismal film failures; and his backers were making money off of the crap he spewed forth. Well the law has been changed and hopefully Uwe will disappear.

In the meantime the arrogant kraut (he blames everyone but himself for the failure of his films) has decided that he's had enough of being citicized and has issued a challenge to critics that involves a boxing match with Uwe. I hope one of you can represent for us and kick the tar out of the little prat!

Details on the link.