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An Interesting Suprise

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-06-30 2 comments

This girl - Kinnie Star - was on stage for less than an hour, but her music and poetry was awesome. She had Don and I sucked right in for the whole act - the only shame was that it was so short. I usually don't succumb to CD purchases and what not at a show, but this one I bought.

Buck 65 was just killer - I had a suspicion this would be the case, but I was really impressed. It was him, a pianist (using a Korg and an old fat Moogand a Guitarist/Drummer (the guy alternated). Buck 65 is one of the most amazing scratch artists I have ever seen live - absolutely blew me away.

He mixed in a sort of comedy with his act that was brilliant and had a very theatric and physical way of performing that was as mesmerizing as his voice. All in all it was a fantastic time, and I'll be sure to hit his show anytime it comes through.

Anyway I've got this Kinnie Star CD that I intend to pass around. It is a kind of fusion, so there are HipHop elements, jazz, rock, pop and a bit of techno. Just ask if you are interested.