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Water water everywhere

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-05-24 1 comments

Well, not water maybe but beer. I guess when you are the last Canadian team in the playoffs and you come from a wealthy beer swilling province, you run the risk of causing a beer shortage.

We have it soooo easy when our biggest social problems are shortages of beer during sport playoffs. I guess it should be suprise that excess is "in". You get hours and hours of poker on TV now, encouraging people to go out and be like their card playing heros, go "all-in".

I'm "all-in" alright.

This is a neat post I came across when searching for "not a drop to drink" in google.
I found one here too that made a claim about 800 galons of water per grease puck. I dunno how the math adds up for this one, but I thought the "puck" reference tied nicely back into the original post topic.

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