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Spring Feva

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-05-09 0 comments

Greets people.

Harley is putting together a gig for the May long weekend at Walkers Nightclub downtown on Saturday the 20th. There will be a wide range of styles in play that night.

Harley is spinning Breaks, for techno you get Garret (JADJ) leaning toward House, Terry (Ruxpin) rocking Acid style, and me working the hard techno/nuNRG angle. Add some Disco and we are really all over the place.

It is cheap and hey, what else were you doing this long weekend? It would be great to see some people out. Harley said he would like to me to play earlier, like 10pm or so. Haven't seen Tom play in forever - so that should be cool.

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