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Unbelievably Sick

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-04-18 3 comments

And I wish I meant cool... Seriously, I do.

CPM and I came down with the most wicked cold that I've had since before I quit smoking. For most of the week leading up to Easter she had been getting little sleep and eating quick. Thursday (her last show night) she came home looking, well, looking really sick. I spent that week at my job working closely with a guy who said he had just gotten through one of the worst "sicks" that he had ever had while on a road trip (if he felt like CPM and me, I don't know how he survived it).

By Friday afternoon I could feel something was terribly wrong and I could see that CPM was in really rough shape - and there was nothing I could do but get some sleep and see how I felt Saturday morning.

Today is late Monday, and I've just now had the strength and clarity to come back to the keyboard. All the grandiose plans of getting out a bit this weekend got the kibosh. The dishwasher situation hasn't been addressed and I didn't make it into the attic to pull out the insulation from the water leak we had in March. We are both on our feet again, after having some real food driven out to us by good Samaritan.

Might try and make it into the city tomorrow, got a book to pickup and some other city related non-sense. Can't wait to go back to work Wednesday after having laid on my back for my entire 5 day vacation and accomplishing dick. On that note, how was everybody else's Easter weekend? Anything notable (and hopefully less unpleasant)?

[ BTW - the link is just the first google hit I got back for "Unbelievably sick" at 1:13am Tuesday morning. ]