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Silent Hill Movie Review

Posted by ScrewLoose On 2006-04-28 1 comments

Last night I checked out the new Silent Hill movie and I was quite impressed. I have never played the video games so I can't really comment on how faithful it is, this is just my opinion of watching a random movie. I originally thought I was going to see some lame zombie movie. What I got was something much much better.

The movie definitely has a creepy edge to it right from the beginning this continues to build quite nicely to a feeling of overall horror that continues right through to the end of the movie. People who have watched scary movies with me know that I tend to find them funny and ridiculous. This movie is definitely not one of those, I was sufficiently glued to my seat wondering what twisted thing would happen next.

The exception was a scene where there were accusations of being a witch....... naturally I began to wonder if the accused weighed the same as a duck. It quickly became obvious that such scientific methods of determining a witch were not to be used in this movie.

Unlike many horror flicks this one did not disapoint in the end with some cheesy monster or lame plot device. This one stayed true to itself in a deliciously dark fasion.

So if you haven't quite caught on yet...... GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

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