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Revulsor (ahem, Revolver)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-04-24 0 comments

I watched this movie on the weekend, but after the first 50 minutes I can't honestly tell you why I finished it. I was drawn in by Jason Statham and the black dude from Outkast - but wish I could have taken a pass.

I have never seen such self-impressed drivel spewed out onto the screen so meaninglessly all the while pretending to be 'deep'. Confusing, annoying and pointless does not equal deep - if it did, then my day job would be a veritable nirvana of human existence.

Anybody else waste their time on this film? If so, how far did you get until you realized that Guy Ritchie had no intention of trying to resolve any of the paradoxes in the story or character development? Like I said, for me it was around the 45 minute mark, when no reason was provided for the mysterious disappearance of the "3 days to live" disease. Then near the end the scene in the bedroom just made me wish I hadn't even bothered with the film. The chess references which had the potential to be really powerful are instead laughable.

I've seen other movies that I'll never see again that I'm very glad to have seen ONCE (Requiem for a Dream leaps to mind). I recommend to people to see that movie ONCE. This movie will not get that dubious distinction.

(that's two down for Jason Statham now, Transporter 2 sucked so much hairy man-ass it brought a tear to my eye)

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