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Flog the new track

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-04-26 3 comments

Well, I'm certainly not finished the song yet, I only have the general elements sorted out and laid down in a basic arrangement, but this is the first draft and I'm excited to share it. There is lots of low energy in this draft (in the 80 to 130 Hz range), so you may need a bigger set of speakers or good headphones to hear the bassline.

It is called Crawling Through and I'm hoping that people dig it. The final version of this song will get mastered around the end of May. I'm going to get my guitar cleaned and re-strung at Billy's shop and then re-record all the guitar and add some small synth lines and lyrics.

If anybody fancies themselves as either a poet or a singer, I would love to take any material you are inspired to write that goes to this tune and use it. If you want to submit it anonymously, that would be fine too... just email it to me at my gmail account and I won't tell who gave it to me.