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And Crackberry users rejoice

Posted by Selbonaut On 2006-03-04 3 comments

I know alot of you wern't affected by this, and it didnt really affect me, but it is a HUGE win for RIM. The whole case in my opinion was stupid and we should have sent in Dick long before the lawsuit ever got to where it is.

I am not sure how many of you have been following it (or aware), but the only country that NTP was actually able to get thier case to court was in the US. Every other country that they tried to sue RIM it was thrown out.

NTP attempt to get them shut down NEVER would have happen. The system that RIM has developed is the MOST secure system out there, and because of that most of the nations aggincies (us and canada) use it for communication. The RCMP (would assume CSIS), FBI and others are all set up on the Blackberry devices, so even though it did get pretty far in the courts, it never would have been alloud to shut down.

I am just glad to see that RIM walked out of this alive and kicking. A little poorer, but kickin none the less.